The BYD Han could rule the road

BYD’s flagship electric sedan is set to be launched in the UAE for the 2024 model year. The car is named after the illustrious and ancient Han Dynasty, which is renowned for being a Golden Age in Chinese history. Fittingly enough, the BYD Han is one of the spearheads of a new golden era of car production for China, that is seeing the country dominate the EV industry.

While the Han is available in its home market and some other countries in a choice of EV or petrol-hybrid flavours, it will arrive here as a fully-fledged EV, with an 85.4 kWh battery, and dual electric motors giving it all-wheel drive – plus an extraordinary AI DiPilot driver assist system.

The Han was actually the first model from BYD to receive the company’s ground-breaking, durability and safety-tested Blade Battery technology, which withstands the nail-puncture test with ease.

The luxury sedan offers an excellent driving range of 521km (WLTP test cycle) and ensures its energy efficiency with an exceptional aerodynamic drag coefficient of just 0.233 Cd. Naturally this aids performance too, along with the 380kW (510bhp) on tap and 700Nm of torque. These figures enable the five-seater, four-door super-saloon to accelerate from rest to 100km/h in a staggering 3.9 seconds and reach a top speed of 180km/h.

The car’s interior is packed with technology and comfort that will give more expensive EVs a run for their money.

This remarkable mid-size sedan is poised to make a significant impact in the EV market with its advanced features and cutting-edge technology at prices starting from just AED232,000 or monthly from AED3,596 based on a 20% deposit and repayment duration of 60 months (five years).

The sleek coupe-like form features signature ‘Dragon Face’ design language, with a silver blade connecting slim LED headlights at the front, and a contoured bonnet that lends it a muscular and aggressive stance up front. A sense of speed comes from the sculpted lines flowing back from the front wheel arch, pulling the form back down towards a potent rear haunch. Even at rest, you know this thing is eager to launch itself at the horizon.

Stepping outside, the Han EV showcases 19-inch alloy wheels that further enhance its aesthetics. A panoramic sunroof invites natural light into the cabin, creating an open and airy atmosphere. At the rear an impressive LED combination light array proves both effective and captivating. Further enhancing convenience are features like Smart Keyless Entry and flush door handles that gracefully extend from the doors when you need them.

Inside the BYD Han, you’ll find a focus on premium materials, including high-quality Nappa leather upholstery, quilted door-panelling, solid wooden trim, and aluminium accents. The centrepiece of the interior is a substantial 15.6-inch rotating touchscreen, as seen in other BYD models, offering control over various infotainment and vehicle functions.

The BYD Han has distinctive, sleek and sporty styling.

The driver also gets a 5-inch full LCD instrument panel along with an eight-way electrically adjustable seat, while the passenger’s is six-way adjustable. For all-season comfort, the front and rear seats are ventilated and cooled, with the added luxury of heated front seats.

Space and comfort are clearly a priority within the Han, and this is further elevated by a high-efficiency PM2.5 air filter. Keep in mind that PM2.5 are among the most dangerous of particulate emissions as they are small enough to enter lungs and the bloodstream, so this is a significant feature benefiting the long-term health of the car’s occupants.

Check out a full video review of the BYD Han EV by Sergi from Supercar Blondie here.

Safety is paramount in the Han EV, as it features front, front knee, and side curtain airbags, along with adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist (LKAS), and a blind spot monitor.

Additionally, the Han EV incorporates a wireless charger for your phone. And talking of charging, a unique feature that the Han offers is the V2L (vehicle-to-load) ‘Mobile Power Station’ facility, a feature that allows it to serve as a portable power source, which means you can plug in external devices while you’re on your road trip – so don’t forget to pack your coffee machine!

Another unique offering is the Han’s ‘DiPilot’ system. It’s a sophisticated driver assistance technology that leverages 5G connectivity and incorporates self-learning capabilities to provide advanced safety features and semi-autonomous driving capabilities. This ties into the adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, automated lane changes, and traffic jam assist.

The self-learning aspect of the ‘DiPilot’ system means that it can adapt and improve its driving behaviour over time based on the driver’s preferences and driving habits. It uses data and artificial intelligence to refine its performance, making it a more personalised driving assistant.

With a handy EV range, epic performance, stylish design, and an inviting luxury cabin packed with extraordinary tech and features, the Han is a credible new entrant to the EV market at a competitive price point. 

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26 Sep, 2023