Category: EV Lifestyle

Why are hybrids so popular?

Hybrid cars are surging in popularity as they offer good fuel economy and practicality. They bridge the gap between traditional cars and EVs.

EVs are symbols, not just cars

EVs are much more than just cars; they are symbols. They represent environmental progress, but have also been politicized in some countries.

The most beautiful EVs

What are the most beautiful EVs? Most EVs aren’t pushing boundaries, but we have selected the ones in each category that are most beautiful.

Should new drivers learn in EVs?

Learner drivers will need to learn in EVs in future. Why not start now? Getting to grips with the greater acceleration would improve road safety. And they don’t pollute!

The most luxurious EVs

Can electric vehicles be as luxurious as their gas-guzzling counterparts? Absolutely! Here’s our rundown of some of the most luxurious EVs.