About Us

EVLife is here to provide you with information and inspiration about electric cars in the UAE and Saudi Arabia.  

You may be an early adopter, having owned an EV for years already.

You might just be curious to learn what all the buzz around electric cars is about.

Or you could be a committed ‘petrol head’ who knows you should make the switch for the sake of the environment.

Whoever you are, welcome!

EVLife is produced by RESET Media Group and Arduina Communications.  

We thank Al-Futtaim Electric Mobility Company for making this website possible as our inaugural sponsor.  Al-Futtaim is the exclusive distributor of BYD, among many other well known marques, in the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

EVLife covers the entire EV ecosystem.  This includes:

  • New cars and technology
  • The lifestyle that comes with owning an EV
  • The companies and brands that are shaping the market
  • The benefits of EV ownership, such as reducing environmental impact or costs
  • Sustainability and environmental improvement in the country

We love to hear from our readers and followers, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch