Category: Sustainability

Conservation efforts in the UAE

Goumbook’s Tatiana Abella leads environmental conservation efforts in the UAE. Learn more in the latest “Let’s Talk Mobility” podcast.

Electric cars are 40% greener

German study finds EVs are 40% greener than gasoline cars, rising to 55% by 2030, factoring in entire lifecycle emissions.

What was achieved at COP28?

Discover the agreement that was reached at COP28 to reduce our planet’s reliance on fossil fuels and other climate commitments.

COP28’s racing start

COP28 has kicked off at great pace, with significant announcements being made around Loss & Damage, renewable energy and methane reduction.

Toyota’s ambitious transition plan

Toyota, the world’s largest car maker, is on an ambitious path to net zero by 2050. This includes a shift to zero emission vehicles and production.

COP28 is here: what’s the agenda?

What can we expect from COP28? Discussions about the ‘global stocktake’, increasing renewables and EVs, fossil fuel reductions among many others.

28 reasons to switch to an EV

With 28 days until COP28, we’ve compiled 28 reasons to switch to an EV. They offer practical and financial benefits and let you live a more sustainable life.