Category: EV Tech

Google revamps Android Auto

Google overhauls Android Auto with new design, smart features, and expanded services for easier navigation, connectivity, and in-car entertainment.

The race for range

1600km range EVs are coming. Battery advances and competition among manufacturers will bring the first super-long-range EVs in the next year.

Polestar adds a raft of in-car tech

Innovative Swedish EV brand Polestar has integrated Prime Video streaming into the Polestar 2 and announced a specially-developed mobile phone for the Polestar 4.

Testing EVs for hot weather

When you’re driving in a very hot country, it’s crucial that you can rely on your car not to malfunction or leave you stranded by the roadside, sweltering in the sun. Why does it happen and what can be done about it?

How do EVs accelerate so fast?

Acceleration is something of an EV party-piece. It’s the sock you stuff in the mouths of naysayers who claim that electric cars are glorified golf carts, not fun to drive, and don’t appeal to ‘car fans’.

The BYD Blade battery hype is real

Batteries in electric cars sometimes get a bad rap for poor energy storage, fire risk, being too bulky and far too heavy. So any innovation that reduced these issues was always likely to take the EV industry by storm.

Can EVs overheat?

One of the key concerns about running an electric vehicle (EV) in a hot climate is how the car will perform in warm temperatures.

Top tips for EV maintenance

Many a motorist has found themselves bamboozled by nefarious mechanics who enjoy waving a long list of technical faults in your face, at the end of which usually resides a very big and scary bill.

How do you measure power consumption of an EV?

When it comes to traditional petrol or diesel internal combustion engine cars (ICE) most drivers understand that fuel consumption is measured in either litres per 100 kilometres (L/100km) or miles per gallon (mpg).