Tesla has updated its Model 3, with Model Y upgrades to come

Tesla’s latest reveal of the 2024 Model 3 has been worth the months of anticipation. The long-awaited result of ‘Project Highland’ manifests itself in both aesthetic and practical improvements, demonstrating Tesla’s commitment to innovation and responsiveness to customer feedback.

The Model 3 now features significant changes to its exterior and interior layout, including a 20cm rear touchscreen for passengers and a remastered steering wheel adorned with both haptic switches and physical buttons—a nod to users’ desire for tactile controls alongside the digital interface​​.

In terms of performance, the new Model 3 variants available in international markets boast an enhanced WLTP range—513km for the single-motor RWD version, marking a 24km increase from its predecessor. This increase is not merely numerical; it reflects Tesla’s ongoing efforts in efficiency, as the vehicle has also received updates in suspension and cornering, complemented by sound-dampening materials and cutting-edge 360˚ acoustic glass technology​​.

The Model 3’s style has been likened to the yet-to-be-released Tesla Roadster 2.0, featuring refreshed tail lights and a more modern silhouette. Additionally, two new paint options, Ultra-Red and Stealth-Grey, have been introduced to the available palette​.

Internally, Tesla has introduced smart shifts in place of the traditional gear shifter, new ambient lighting, and ventilated seats alongside the heated function, catering to both comfort and utility. The infotainment screen has grown to 39cm, with the introduction of the 15cm screen in the rear of the vehicle, enhancing the passenger experience with control over climate and entertainment​​.

Very importantly, the new Model 3 is also quieter and offers a slightly softer ride quality.

The updated Model 3 features a sleek, modern exterior, as well as interior updates, longer range and better ride quality. This video from TechLife’s YouTube channel provides a summary of the features of the Tesla 3.

How about the Model Y?

Switching gears to the Model Y, expectations are high for a 2024 vehicle with a mildly updated exterior, including newly designed bumpers and wheels. The interior upgrades are rumoured to be significant, potentially featuring a swiveling touchscreen infotainment system and improvements in material quality. Steering options may also diversify, with a new steering yoke and a steer-by-wire system among the anticipated features.

Comfort within the Model Y could reach new heights with ventilated seats, customizable RGB ambient lighting, and an advanced 17-speaker sound system. These enhancements are complemented by the potential discontinuation of wood trim in favor of more contemporary materials, reflecting a shift in aesthetic preferences​​.

Furthermore, the new Model Y might offer Full Self Driving (FSD) capability, a feature that has been eagerly anticipated following Elon Musk’s hints at a potential 2023 timeline for FSD achievement. While speculative, this suggests the Model Y could come equipped with the necessary hardware for future autonomous functions enabled through software updates​​.

In essence, the 2024 refresh for the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y represent exciting upgrades that extend beyond mere cosmetic changes. It’s a multifaceted improvement that promises to elevate the driving experience, infuse the interior with advanced technology, and push the boundaries of electric vehicle performance.  

While the company is facing more threats, notably from the growing ranks of Chinese electric vehicle manufacturers, these changes for the coming year show that Tesla is still a dominant force in EV innovation.

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