Want to drive an EV with a Playstation controller?

It sometimes feels that advanced EV technology is becoming more like a video game.  Well with the Afeela concept EV from Sony Honda Mobility, that’s actually true.

The two Japanese giants have formed an exciting joint venture to fuse mobility and entertainment.  The company’s first outing is the Afeela, which was unveiled at the recent CES consumer electronics show in the US.

Izumi Kawanishi, President and CEO of Sony Honda Mobility even drove the car onto the CES stage using a Playstation controller!

Check out this groundbreaking moment on Reuters’ video below.

For a full run-down of the car, this review from Engadget’s YouTube channel captures what makes the Afeela such an intriguing concept.  It’s still a prototype, but if this is still a work in progress, the final production version should be well worth waiting for.

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26 Jan, 2024