River Indie is the “SUV of e-scooters”

Electric ‘micro-mobility’ vehicles such as e-scooters, are transforming urban transportation landscapes. They are extremely agile and user-friendly. Offering a viable alternative to conventional vehicles like cars and buses, e-scooters blend safety with modern aesthetics, presenting an appealing choice for many city commuters. 

Electric two-wheelers are taking off massively, particularly in markets such as India and Asia. 

The latest installment of “Let’s Talk Mobility” from Al-Futtaim Automotive delves into the innovative world of the electric scooter start-up River. 

Co-founder and CEO Aravind Mani discusses how the company’s flagship model, the River Indie, is reshaping urban navigation. The conversation highlights River’s commitment to sustainability and its ambitious expansion plans for the foreseeable future. The interview underscores the company’s aspirations for a more sustainable urban environment, steering us towards a cleaner, more adaptable mode of city travel.

Mani describes the River Indie as an “SUV for e-scooters”.  It’s used for work and leisure and it’s stylish. It’s also bigger than many other scooters on the market and has the largest storage of any scooter on sale in India with a 55L capacity – enough for two helmets.

The Let’s Talk Mobility podcast is available now to subscribe, listen and watch on Spotify (@al-futtaim-automotive) and YouTube (@alfuttaimautogroup).

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