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Now don’t be anxious, but it’s time we have a little chat about EV range. The first thing to remember is all modern EVs have more than enough range for most drivers, who typically do between 30-50km a day on average. With even the lowliest of models capable of at least 160km on a single charge, you’ll be able to get there (wherever ‘there’ is) and back well before you have to plug in.

However, what if you genuinely, absolutely, critically need more range? As much range as is currently possible to extract from an EV. What can you get? What can it do?

Keep in mind that electric vehicle range, not unlike the fuel economy of a petrol or diesel car, is not an absolute, and can vary dramatically depending on style of driving, where and when the car is driven and even ambient temperatures. Then there’s the confusion of deciphering between manufacturer claimed ranges, and the WLTP and EPA “officially” quoted ranges.

The oft-referenced Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP) measures the range of a car travelling at an average speed of 46.5kmph in summer temperatures from a 100% to 0% state of charge.

Meanwhile, in the U.S., the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) straps the car on a dynamometer and simulates “city” and “highway” driving, with a series of test cycles including, speeding up, slowing down, stopping and driving constantly at set speeds. 

And then there’s also the CLTC (China Light Duty Vehicles Test Cycle) by the China Automotive Technology and Research Centre, which also hooks up the car to a dyno, but in a similar fashion to the WLTP, runs it at a steady 40kmph.

Nonetheless, the available data provides a reasonable estimation that at the very least provides a yardstick for the longest range EVs currently available in the region, as well as those coming our way soon.

The Mercedes EQS 450+ comes out top of the current list of long-range cars available today.

Available now

The following cars are currently available in the region with a WLTP range above 600km on a single charge.

  1. Mercedes EQS 450+ (784km)
  2. Mercedes EQE 350+ (660km)

Mercedes currently sits at the top of the EV range leader board with offerings like the EQE 350+ giving a 660km range, while the flagship EQS luxury saloon in 450+ guise achieves a hugely staggering 784km. While such a massive lead may seem unassailable, the EQS will undoubtedly have to relinquish its throne very soon (see below).

  1. Tesla Model S (649km)

Tesla could have been expected to rank top, but its Model S is sitting third in this list.

  1. BMW iX XDrive50 (630km)
  2. BMW i7 XDrive60 (622km)

Two BMWs next. iX is a dedicated EV that aims to lure both families and the lifestyle crowd, while the i7 competes with the EQS for splendour and grace but falls a little short on range, though 630km is still impressive.

  1. Polestar 3 (610km)

The new Polestar 3 is a sharp-suited family EV and will certainly safely get them to far-flung destinations. 

  1. Tesla Model 3 (602km)

The world’s current best-selling EV does manage to keep its head above the 600km threshold, just about.

The Zeekr 001, coming this year, will break the 1,000km range barrier.

Coming Soon (up to 1000+ km!)

The following are cars set to be introduced, or expected to be officially launched soon in the region with ranges higher than 600km (and potentially over 1000km in some cases). Some of these figures are based on CLTC and EPA estimates.

  1. Zeekr 001 (1000km)

Chinese manufacturer, Geely’s Zeekr brand recently signed agreements for distribution in UAE (AW Rostamani), Saudi Arabia (Wallan Trading Company), Qatar (Blue Lake Motors) and Bahrain (YK Almoayyed & Sons).

While the Zeekr 009 premium MPV people carrier is quoted at 822km, it’s the Zeekr 001 shooting brakes and Zeekr X SUV that are reportedly launching here, at least initially. While the Zeekr X range is a paltry (in this company) 440km, the 001 was quoted as 620km. That is until the 2024 Zeekr 001 was announced which is now claimed to offer a sensational 1031km range!

  1. Lucid Air (883km)

Saudi Arabia’s first-ever car manufacturing facility will be for Lucid, an American-based car company that the Kingdom has heavily invested in. It’s already ordered a large fleet of Lucid Air police cars, and officers will no doubt be pleased with its 883km range.

  1. Nio ES8 (700km)

The Chinese firm Nio is sure to hit the region soon in the wake of a $2.2 billion strategic investment from CYVN Holdings, an investment fund based in Abu Dhabi. The Nio ES8, a luxury seven-seat SUV, claims a 700km range.

The Saudi Police are adding the Lucid Air, with 883km of range, to its fleet.

4. GAC Aion LX (650km)

hile Aion might not officially be offered for sale in the region as yet, parent company GAC does have a presence with Gargash in the UAE, so it is surely only a matter of time before we see the Aion LX, another premium electric SUV, go on sale offering a 650km range.

5. Rivian R1T (643km)

Finally, the Rivian R1T, an EV pick-up truck from America, that seems to have been well-received in the States and is set to make its debut in Saudi Arabia with Abdul Latif Jameel, which is also an investor in the company.


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27 Feb, 2024