Volvo EX30: Winner of 2024 World Urban Car Award

The Volvo EX30 is the smallest of the Swedish company’s EV range, but it’s also set to be the most popular. By the end of May 2024, approximately 30,195 units of the EX30 had been sold in Europe, making it the third-best-selling electric vehicle in that market. On a global scale, the EX30 reached a record of 11,000 units sold in May alone, contributing to the impressive total sales figures for the model since its launch. Overall, it has been reported that the EX30 is one of the best-selling Volvo models worldwide.

The EX30, recently named the 2024 World Urban Car, is now also available to buy in the UAE. The award recognises the EX30’s exceptional attributes, making it a prime choice for city dwellers looking for a sustainable and practical car. Volvo has a strong commitment to enhancing urban mobility through cutting-edge electric vehicles.

The World Urban Car award is one of the many categories in the World Car Awards, which gather a jury of automotive journalists from across the globe to evaluate and honour cars based on innovation, impact, and design excellence. The Volvo EX30 stood out among its competitors for its compact dimensions, impressive range, and advanced technological features, making it exceptionally suited for urban environments.

“Winning this award with the EX30 is incredibly gratifying and a firm validation of our ambitious electrification strategy,” says Jim Rowan, Volvo Cars chief executive. “Customer response to the EX30 has exceeded our expectations, and it has proven to be a perfect car for today’s marketplace as a growing number of car buyers switch to fully electric cars. I’m convinced the EX30 will strongly contribute to our growth this year and beyond.”

The EX30 may be Volvo’s smallest SUV, but it still has decent trunk space.

Compact Design and Urban-Friendly Features

The Volvo EX30’s design is tailored to navigate the challenges posed by urban landscapes. Its compact size ensures easy manoeuvrability through congested streets and facilitates parking in tight spaces, a common concern for city drivers. Despite its smaller footprint, the EX30 does not compromise on space and comfort inside, offering a surprisingly roomy interior for passengers and cargo.

Another facet that appealed to the World Car Awards jury is the EX30’s user-friendly technology. Equipped with intuitive controls, an advanced infotainment system, and connectivity features, it integrates seamlessly into modern lifestyles. The vehicle also boasts a comprehensive suite of safety features, a hallmark of Volvo cars, which include collision avoidance systems and pedestrian detection, enhancing safety in densely populated urban areas.

Sustainable Driving with Impressive Range

The Volvo EX30 is powered by a fully electric drivetrain that delivers a reasonable range, making it practical for daily commutes and longer journeys alike. Depending on the variant, the EX30 offers a range of up to 300 kilometres on a single charge, significantly reducing the need for frequent recharging stops.

With zero tailpipe emissions, the EX30 also contributes to reducing air pollution, a pressing issue in many urban centres worldwide. This focus on sustainability, coupled with its practicality, played a crucial role in its selection as the World Urban Car for 2024.

Volvo explains about the interior design of the EX30.

Expanding Presence in the Middle East

Recognising the increasing adoption of electric vehicles in the Middle East, Volvo has made the EX30 available in the UAE and Qatar. This move is part of the company’s broader strategy to cater to the rising interest in electric mobility within the region. Consumers in these countries can now experience the benefits of the EX30 first-hand and contribute to the expanding EV ecosystem.

In the UAE, the government has been actively promoting sustainable transport through various incentives and infrastructure development, and the EX30 joins a growing list of EVs and hybrids available in the country.

EX30 buyers have a choice of three electric powertrains: a Single Motor version with 200kW (272hp) and a 51kWh battery; a Single Motor Extended Range with battery capacity increased to 69kWh; and a Twin Motor Performance model with 315kW (428hp) and a 69kWh battery. The EX30 offers a driving range of up to 476km and its battery can be recharged from 10 to 80 per cent capacity in a little over 25 minutes.

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