Fuel prices have gone up

The cost of filling your tank with petrol or diesel has risen.  Given that the UAE was the fourth cheapest place in the world to charge an EV last year, perhaps it’s time to consider making the switch?

From March 1 2024, the price of Super 98 petrol is AED 3.03 per liter, compared with AED 2.88 in February.

Special 95 gasoline is priced at AED 2.92 a liter, up from Dh2.76 last month, and E-Plus 91 costs AED 2.85 a liter, compared to Dh2.69 in the previous month. 

Additionally, diesel prices have increased to AED 3.16 a liter from AED 2.99 in February. 

UAE fuel prices are adjusted monthly in line with international markets.

While these adjustments are in line with the international markets and are determined by the fuel price committee in the UAE, it’s yet another hit to the wallet.  The committee includes members of the energy and finance ministries, as well as the CEOs of Adnoc Distribution and Emirates National Oil Company.

The price isn’t as high as in 2022, however, when retail fuel prices reached an all-time high, with Super 98 costing AED 4.63 per liter.

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10 Mar, 2024