“Why I love my EV”

Car reviews are all well and good, and they certainly serve a purpose, but for those wanting to know the intricacies, it’s always better to speak to the owner. Think of a review as a synopsis of the entire experience. They tell you the highlights and lowlights from the reviewer’s short period of time with them. When you go directly to the drivers – the ones that are behind the wheel daily – that’s when you get a true sense of what it’s like to drive.

So that’s what we’ve done. We sat with the EV owners to hear how they feel about not only their personal vehicle(s), but what it’s like to make the switch from a gas-powered car. Here are their stories.

Marwan Al Sarkal – car collector and CEO

Marwan is a true car collector. In fact, he has one of the most complete Porsche collections you’re likely to find. When he’s not having custom RUFs built and test-driving the world’s most exotic cars on the Nürburgring and Yas Marina Circuit, Marwan can be found exploring the wonders of EVs and their technology. And, of course, there’s a Taycan in his line-up.

Marwan Al Sarkal loves Porsche cars, including his electric Taycan.

“I love the instant power you get from an EV,” says Marwan. The quietness, the technology, and the style [of the vehicles] are perfect for what you need.”

As a fan of combustion engine cars, you’d expect the switch to EVs to have been tricky for Marwan, but it was anything but. Marwan confirms, “Switching to an EV isn’t easy for most, but for me, it was as I love trying new stuff.” He continues, “When I first bought an EV, it was the Tesla Model S. The whole experience was amazing – from ordering the car to receiving it; I didn’t have to deal with anyone!”

“Once I owned it, I enjoyed the technology and power that it possessed. It’s [EVs] about reinventing how the car functions; it’s really smart,” says Marwan.

As an EV convert, does he see more in his vast car collection? “Yes, for sure”, Marwan exclaims. “EVs are getting better day by day, and more brands are entering this space.” 

He concludes, “Customers are not only looking at the design now but a whole experience, from the interface to the build quality to the comfort, to the range and much more. The next step is ensuring we have the infrastructure available for all those new EVs on the roads.”

Dan Field – Media Director

The pride and joy of Dubai resident Dan Field is his Polestar 2 – a vehicle that is growing in popularity across the UAE. This is in part down to the finance packages that start from an almost unbelievable AED 1,699 per month. Dan took advantage of a bargain to get into EVs.

“I got the Polestar 2 through the excellent lease deal,” says Dan, “it’s a lovely drive that’s very comfortable and very powerful.”

As a family man, Dan was looking for something that matched the style with its safety features. He says, “I’ve had great cars while living in the UAE, and I have no regrets about the Polestar. The technology is great, and there are a lot of safety features. My wife and kids love it, too.”

Dan Field’s wife and kids also love his Polestar 2.

Were there any other contenders that caught his attention before the Polestar? “Yes, I had my eye on the Audi e-tron GT,” he tells us, “but it looks like a regular Audi and the interior is the same too. The Polestar 2 interior is impressive.”

Looks aside, the practicality of an EV was something that drew Dan to them in the first place. He exclaims, “The convenience of charging, especially if you have a charger at home, is unparalleled. It’s only AED 15 for a full charge. Public charging stations need to be more accessible, but it’s still OK.”

A common factor that delights all EV owners we spoke to is the speed you can crank out of them. Dan agrees with this. “The big shift [from combustion engines] is that EVs provide instant power, which is very enjoyable, and the Polestar 2 drives like a solid car, so you still have great control,” Dan states. I’ve had V8s and turbos before, but the EV drive is something else.”

Although Dan is a big fan, he still isn’t ready to leave the combustion engine behind just yet. He explains “I think EVs are decent but less convenient if you do a lot of driving. We prefer taking our other car on long trips. I think I’ll probably always have one of each until the EV range is comparable to an ICE, which will probably happen in a couple of years.”

James Hudson – Company Founder

James Hudson has opted for an up-and-coming manufacturer with his current EV. “I currently drive the Geely Geometry C,” says James, “I drive it daily. It’s a brilliant car and the perfect size for my small family that can all fit in comfortably.”

Across the Middle East, Chinese car manufacturer Geely is gaining a foothold in the EV market. It’s one of the most popular vehicles in the Far East, and its badge is becoming a regular sight on UAE roads thanks to a raft of cutting-edge tech that the unassuming brand packs inside.

James adds, “The range is fantastic at 480km. It has a lot of tech inside to keep everyone entertained and is reasonably priced. If you want to buy a car, this is a great starter vehicle.”

Indeed it is, and with a price starting at AED 109,900, it’s one of the cheapest EVs you can purchase in the UAE right now.

James Hudson has chosen the Geely Geometry C and has no regrets!

With the passion with which he talks about them, it’s safe to say James is a complete convert to the EV lifestyle. He also points out one of the hidden benefits of switching to an EV. “What I love about driving an EV is the simplicity of it,” he says “, especially when compared to ICE vehicles, where maintenance is regular and costs are high.” James continues, “I had cars I was in the shop with every six or seven months. An electric vehicle is just not the same. There isn’t much that can go wrong with them thanks to zero moving parts in an engine.”

It’s not just the low cost of maintenance that has James hooked, either. The EV tech and swish interiors are also a big deal. James says, “The tech in an EV makes it a fun place to be. It’s always exciting. The layouts, the designs, the screens, and the entertainment system that comes along with it make it an experience, which I don’t get with a lot of ICE vehicles.”

Would he ever return to a combustion engine vehicle after making the change? Probably not. “I’m hooked [on EVs]. I can’t see myself going back to ICE ever again.” He explains. “Once you get over the range anxiety, which is natural and expected with an EV, and you realize that Dubai isn’t so big that you won’t be stranded between stations, there’s no looking back.”

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