Planning a multi-generational EV road trip

There’s nothing like getting the entire family together for a fun-packed day out in the EV, but long journeys, gridlocked traffic and endless toilet breaks can quickly turn bonding into bickering.

Keeping everyone happy is a fine art, but with careful planning and thoughtful consideration, your electric car can become your portal to domestic tranquillity as you embrace the open road.

In a country as diverse and thrilling as the UAE, there’s something to excite every passenger, from the dizzying theme parks of Yas Island to the sprawling dunes of the Empty Quarter. 

Wherever you’re headed, these top tips will help the whole family arrive feeling calm, energised and ready to share some unforgettable moments.

1. Make sure your EV is fully charged

It may sound like an obvious point, but with a houseful of teens fighting over the TV remote or toddlers throwing tantrums, it’s the most basic requirements that are so often overlooked. Breaking down on Sheikh Zayed Road is inconvenient at the best of times – with an exasperated partner or a furious parent, it’s unfathomable. Charge up the night before to prevent any morning delays and get the day off to a smooth and pleasant start.

2. Plan your route

In a country as closely packed as the UAE, you’re unlikely to run out of charge during a day’s drive in your electric car – yet there’s more than just range to consider when you’re travelling with the extended family. Regular breaks give the older members of the group a chance to refresh, while restless kids can blow off a bit of steam. Pit stops also give you a chance to take in the scenery and appreciate the beauty of the country’s more rural areas. On route to Fujairah? Plan a stop at the UAE Flower Farm to pick some colourful blooms. Heating to Hatta? Make time for a dip in one of the many natural rock pools en route.

Making sure that everyone is catered for will make the journey smoother.

3. Load up on snacks

Again, this isn’t as simple as it might seem. Nani has a sweet tooth, the teens are currently vegan and the youngest won’t entertain anything other than chicken nuggets. The result? Total, hangry chaos. Communication is key when it comes to on-the-go provisions. Make sure you know what everyone eats and stock up plenty of supplies. The best way to eat on the road is to make a meal of it. Prepare a picnic of everyone’s favourite foods and spread out atop a sand dune. If you’re lucky enough to have V2G (Vehicle to Grid) capability, your car can even fire up a desert barbecue for a tasty nomad experience.

4. Prioritise comfort

Anyone can get techy if they are uncomfortable, especially being confined to an enclosed space. Luckily, electric vehicles often come equipped with advanced technology and comfort features, such as navigational systems, driver assistance features and luxurious interiors, that make the drive smoother for everyone. Quiet and smooth driving is an added bonus in an EV, allowing for cosy naps on the ride home after a long day of fun with the fam. Pack a couple of snuggly blankets in case any air con disputes kick off along the way.

5. Prepare for roadside emergencies

All being well, you won’t run into any difficulties during your drive, but if disaster strikes, it’s best to be prepared for all eventualities. Make sure any medication for the trip is packed in advance, plus spare supplies in case anything goes missing. It’s also a good idea to pack a first aid kit and roadside assistance supplies to give you total peace of mind and make sure any emergency contact information (for example your roadside assistance details) is stored in your phonebook.

6. Stay entertained

Kids can get cranky during long-distance drives, with incessant pleas of “Are we there yet?” guaranteed to rile even the coolest passenger. In this case, the distraction technique is best, and you’d do well to stock your EV with audiobooks, music playlists and portable gaming devices, alongside the trusty iPad. An even better option is to get the whole family involved in the action, with interactive activities that promote bonding and create lasting memories. This could include anything from group trivia games and singalongs to storytelling sessions and sharing family anecdotes.

7. Stay flexible

As we’ve already established, planning is everything during a multi-generational road trip, and while charging, supplies and comfort are non-negotiable, the itinerary itself should remain somewhat flexible. As anyone with a hyperactive four-year-old knows, interests and energy levels can vary. Add impatient grandparents, tired parents and stroppy cousins into the mix and some degree of spontaneity becomes essential. Allow for spontaneous stops or detours to explore unexpected attractions along the way, and cater for a diverse range of interests. After all, variety Is the spice of life.

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27 Feb, 2024