28 reasons to switch to an EV

The COP28 climate conference in UAE starts in just 28 days.  To mark the countdown, we’ve pulled together 28 reasons why you should take a major step to reducing your personal carbon footprint – by switching to an electric vehicle.

In no particular order, these are the ones we’ve chosen:

  1. Environmental Benefits: EVs produce zero tailpipe emissions, reducing air pollution and improving air quality.
  2. Lower Operating Costs: Electricity is generally cheaper than gasoline. The UAE is actually the fourth cheapest place in the world to recharge. EVs also have fewer moving parts, which can also lead to reduced maintenance costs.
  3. Climate Change Mitigation: EVs produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions over their lifecycle, helping combat climate change.
  4. Quiet Driving: EVs are much quieter than Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles, leading to reduced noise pollution. And because it’s quieter inside, it’s even better to listen to your favourite music or podcast!
  5. Smooth Acceleration: The instant torque of electric motors provides smooth and rapid acceleration.
  6. Tax Incentives: A variety of tax credits or rebates are available for purchasing (or leasing) an EV.
  7. Reduced Dependence on Oil: Switching to EVs decreases the demand for oil and helps with the energy transition.
  8. Innovation and Technology: Modern EVs come equipped with the latest technology features and innovations. Manufacturers are throwing everything at making their new EVs as space-age as possible.
  9. Regenerative Braking: This allows EVs to recover energy during braking, which is then used to charge the battery.
  10. Home Charging: With a home charging station, you can conveniently charge your EV overnight.
  11. Growing Charging Infrastructure: As the popularity of EVs grows, so does the charging infrastructure, making long-distance travel easier.
  12. Eco-friendly Materials: Many EVs use sustainable materials in their interiors, such as recycled or bio-based materials.
  13. Longer Lifespan: Electric motors can often outlast internal combustion engines. With fewer moving parts, and less heat, they are surprisingly long-lasting.
  14. Reduced Energy Consumption: EVs are generally more efficient than ICE vehicles, using less energy to travel the same distance.
  15. Supporting Renewable Energy: As the grid becomes greener, EVs can be charged using renewable energy sources like solar or wind.
  16. Decreased Carbon Footprint: Even if the electricity source is not “green”, EVs typically have a lower overall carbon footprint than traditional vehicles over their lifetime.
  17. Safety Improvements: Many EVs come with advanced safety features and have a lower center of gravity, reducing the risk of rollovers.
  18. Performance Benefits: Electric motors provide consistent power delivery and high torque, leading to impressive performance.
  19. Reduced Heat Emissions: EVs emit less heat, contributing to fewer urban ‘heat islands’.
  20. Supporting Innovation: Adopting EVs supports companies innovating in the green tech space, which is a key area of focus for the government.
  21. Resale Value: As demand for EVs grows, their resale value is becoming increasingly competitive with ICE vehicles so you don’t have to worry about losing money.
  22. Reducing Strain on the Grid: Charging during off-peak hours can help balance the electrical grid’s demand.
  23. Future-proofing: As many countries set bans on new ICE vehicle sales in the coming decades, EVs are the future of transportation. Why not get ahead today?
  24. Health Benefits: Reduced emissions lead to cleaner air, resulting in fewer health issues related to air pollution.
  25. Community Charging: Many communities offer shared EV charging stations, which create a surprising sense of camaraderie and neighbourliness!
  26. Priority Lane Access: Some regions allow EVs to use carpool lanes regardless of the number of passengers.
  27. Supporting Jobs: The EV industry is creating new jobs in manufacturing, infrastructure development, and maintenance.
  28. Peace of Mind: Knowing you’re contributing to a sustainable future and reducing your environmental impact.

So, switching to an EV not only helps you live a more sustainable life, but also offers various practical and financial benefits.

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1 Nov, 2023