10 New Year’s resolutions for every EV driver

Resolutions go in one year and out the other – and last until the second week of January, if you’re lucky.

However, rather than give up before you’ve started, one of the best ways to ensure your new habits stick is by breaking them up into small and easy commitments.

If you’re a new EV owner, the whole experience is fresh anyway – or if you’re still driving an ICE car then your first resolution may be to make your next one an EV.

With that in mind, here are 10 simple ways to embrace 2024 with your EV.

Install a home charger (if you can)

It’s one of the most convenient ways to charge up your EV – and if you own solar panels then you know for certain it’s being powered by renewable energy. Many chargers are cheap, they’re easy to install and they mean no queuing at the service station or turning up to one to find it’s out of service.

Charging smart

Electricity is cheapest at night when demand is at its lowest. As a result, you can save yourself a tidy sum – and pressure on the grid – by charging up in the early hours rather than at peak time. You could set a reminder to plug in before bed or purchase a timer for your socket at home to ensure it kicks in during off-peak hours.

Drive green, go green

Test your motor’s endurance and embrace the open road at the same time. As the UAE expands its charging network, the whole country is connected better than ever. Why not pack up the boot and take the family for a trip to Al Ain, also known as the Green City thanks to its sprawling oasis of palm trees. Those travelling from Abu Dhabi city are well served by chargers at ADNOC service stations along the E22 while those heading from Dubai can find the same points along the E66.

Installing a home charger means you can charge conveniently and cheaply. More apartment blocks are starting to allow fitting too.

Leave it at home

EVs are here to make the planet greener, so why not embrace an even more eco-friendly mode of transport for a day, week or month if you can? Utilise the electric Dubai Metro network (where single rides start at Dh3) or make use of the free Autonomous Rapid Transit service in Abu Dhabi. The electric tram-like buses connect Reem Mall to Marina Mall on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, and are set to be expanded across the city.

Maintain and service your motor

Cars in the UAE face some of the most gruelling conditions on the planet when it’s summer – with temperatures surpassing 50C. It’s a lot of strain on parts, tyres and especially the battery. One of the easiest ways to avoid an accident is to ensure your car is road-safe. Commit to getting it serviced according to the manufacturer’s guidance or every 10,000km travelled at the very least. Many choose to service their cars before and after summer, too.

The desert oasis in Al Ain provides a great destination for a day trip in your EV.

Become an EV advocate

With the technology still largely in its infancy, EV owners may often find themselves in the minority when conversations turn to cars. Why not embrace the opportunity to inform others about the benefits of owning one – eco credentials, cheap running costs, cheap maintenance – and help to assuage any concerns, with range anxiety still a frequent concern among owners of ICE cars.

Recycle your EV, or go second-hand

As part of the global shift to cutting down carbon emissions, we all need to recycle to avoid unnecessary waste. If you’re an EV owner looking to get your second or even third model, why not make sure your current car can be resold on the second-hand market with ease? Repair, replace or replenish parts and liquids so its new owner can keep using it for many more years. Anyone looking to buy a new EV may be better off finding a bargain on the resale market and help the recycling cause.

Drive safe, be efficient

Rev up to 100km, brake sharply, set off again to 140km this time, sharp brake, repeat. It’s a driving tactic employed by far too many on the roads and it’s both dangerous and wasteful. As well as putting other drivers at risk, it depletes your battery far quicker than maintaining a safe and steady speed while taking advantage of many modern EVs’ ability to use regenerative braking.

Plan your trips

If you’re looking at travelling further than your battery’s maximum distance, be sure to take 10 minutes to plan your route so you know where to charge up. Look at service stations along your intended route, find somewhere to have a coffee or a meal and let the charging commence. Don’t forget, the best place to charge may be 100km before it goes flat.

Stay up to date with software

Many EVs are like computers on four wheels. They’re controlled by the central computer and, just like any digital device, its software may need to be updated. This could be to enhance driving capabilities, fix bugs, introduce new safety controls or improve security. Don’t be sorry, be safe and keep up to date.

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